Wednesday, February 11, 2015


In the the Southeastern Michigan area where I live, we have Smart buses and School buses. The Smart busses are public transformation. School busses, of course, transport students to and from the daily prison we call school.

These busses seem a great analogy for two types of education. There is the school system that has existed in American since Horace Mann advocated disciplinary action and Prussian military school methods in the early 19th century. We have not much changed our model of schooling since then.

Outside of the school system, there are a million ways to learn. I have detailed a few of them here in my blog. There is a growing movement in this country called “unschooling.” It means getting an education away from the proms, sports, fashion shows and other distractions present in many school systems.

Let’s look at the analogy of busses.

School busses go the school. (Duh!)

Smart busses go to malls, museums, libraries and courthouses.

School busses carry bullies and other immature beings like class clowns.

Smart busses carry committed adults.

School busses go a place where learning is difficult.

Smart busses go to places where learning is fun and natural.

School busses have flying gum wrappers, globs of chewed gum, spitting and even kicking.

Smart busses have people reading or speaking to each other in respectful tones.

School busses cost tax payers millions of dollars every year.

Smart busses are an intelligent alternative to gas guzzling commutes.

I am not saying we should place our children on public transportation and let them spend the day doing whatever they want. Un-schooling is not completely unstructured. But it is an alternative to the failed school systems in America.

In the next several weeks I will talk more about home schooling, the granny cloud, and other nontraditional systems of education.

It is time to decide if we will continue to ride the school bus or get on the smart bus.

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