Saturday, February 14, 2015


For Valentine’s Day here are two lists. The first eleven names are famous wives. The second group of names lettered a -k are famous husbands. See if you can match the husband with the wife. If you don’t know who someone on the list is or was, please look him or her up. This is an educational blog.

For each of the ladies mentioned in the first list, you will find her famous husband in the second list.

It has been said there is a woman behind every successful man. Let me add there is a man behind every successful woman.

I will have the answers tomorrow which is a play day. But if you choose to skip tomorrow, please come back the day after that.

You may also email for answers.


1. Elizabeth Barrett

2. Anne Boleyn

3. Julia Dent

4. Amelia Earhart

5. Linda Eastman

6. Farrah Fawcett

7. Alice Hathaway lee

8. Bonnie Parker

9. Alice Roosevelt

10.. Eleonore Roosevelt

11. Joanne Woodward


a. Clyde Barrow

b. Robert Browning

c. Ulysses S. Grant

d. Henry VIII of England

e. Nicholas Longworth

f. Lee Majors

g. Paul McCartney

h. Paul Newman

i. George Putnam

j. Franklin Delano Roosevelt <

k. Teddy Roosevelt

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