Saturday, January 31, 2015

Learning Hack of the Day: Review Resolutions

So many people make New Year's resolutions on January 1. They forget them by the end of the month. Did you make New Year's Resolutions? What were they? Review them,. If you didn't make New Year's resolutions, make some February resolutions. Review them throughout the month. Reconnect with your goals. Tweak those goals that need to be tweaked. Resolutions are like grades. They need to be worked on everyday. Shop Amazon - Contract Cell Phones & Service Plans

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Learning Hack of the Day: Failure Is A Learning Technique

Don't be afraid of failure. If you must take a class over, so be it. There is no stigma in redoing a class. One problem with education as we do it in America and in many other countries is that one size fits all. Some people need to take longer with writing assignments; some people need to take longer with algebra. Learn at your own pace, not someone else's pace. That does not mean you ever stop learning. Even if you take a semester off, keep learning something new every day. It might be a vocabulary word, a dance step or a make-up trick. Just learn something.

And if you stumble in the recall, so what. You'll get it right net time or the time after that. We learn from our mistakes. And we learn well from our mistakes, so let them rip. Shop Amazon Pantry - Game Day Essentials Delivered to You

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Learning Hack of the Day: Have Specific Goals.

A student should have goals for every week, every month, every season. Have a plan. He should have a one year, a five year, a ten year plan. Studies of college graduates showed that those who had definite plans were more successful. The more specific the goals were, the more likely they students were to reach their goals. You can't reach a goal if it is not specific. One student may want to be a business owner someday. A second student may want to be managing a funeral home at the end of one year. Own a funeral home within the next five years and own two or more funeral homes at the end of ten years, (A real example from one of m ex students) The second student has a better chance of obtaining her goals. Even teachers and retirees need to make goals. In 2015, I plan on blogging everyday and taking a workshop class in novel writing. I plan to have my first novel ready for publication by the end of that year. I plan to work on one book a year after that.
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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Learning Hack of the Day: Have A Purpose

Have a purpose for your learning. Are you studying to get a better job? Maybe you want to be a physician or n astronaut. Some students, usually older adults, learn for the sake of learning and for self fulfillment. Learning is a way to grow both the intelligence and the spirit. Younger students are sometimes bored by the process, so they shut themselves down. They learn as little as they can. Learning is a decision; it helps to know why we are in the classroom, and what we intend to do with the learning once we have earned it. The best reason to learn is for self enrichment; future employment is, of course, important too. Shop Amazon Pantry - Game Day Essentials Delivered to You Shop Amazon Tools - 20% Off Select Gladiator Products Shop Amazon Home & Kitchen - New Year, New You - Make Healthy Snacks

Monday, January 26, 2015

Learning Hack of the Day: Send It On Up.

Send it on up. In Catholic schools, when students struggle the nuns will tell them to send it on up. Ask the lord for help with this learning issue. You don't have to be Catholic or even Christian. There are hundreds of Gods, Goddesses, saints and angels who are willing to help us. Faith gives us all a big helping hand. When I lose something, I pray to St. Anthony, the patron saint of lost things. When one of my cats is lost or has a health issue, I pray to Bast, the goddess of cats. It can help to have a small altar near your desk or study area. I might put an apple here for my spirit teachers and guides. I also have pencils, erasers, and tokens, like tiny dolls to represent the saint or spirit helper. St. Catherine of Alexandria and St. Thomas Aquinas are the patron saints of students. Athena is the goddess of wisdom. Try Amazon Mom for Free

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Learning Hack of the Day: Read

Read. Read. Read. Smart people are readers. They engage in conversations not only with the people in their environment, but with good writers from other cultures and other times. You do not have to read classics. Read what you want. When I was a teenager, I read movie magazines, and TV tie in books. These are a step above comic books, but not a big step. The grammar in these books was very well-done, and my own grammar improved because I was looking at examples of good grammar every day. The writers may not have been the best, but they were professionals, and I was keeping professional company. I also had the reading habit. I eventually graduated to slightly more sophisticated material. Today, I enjoy Stephen King, Dean Koontz, David Rosenfelt, and Janet Evanovich. Should I be reading Shakespeare and Mark Twain? Only if I feel like it, and sometimes I do. When I read for leisure, I pick the book and the author. Read one book a week. Keep a list of the books you read. Write a one page synopsis on each after you finish. No matter what books you read, your learning will get better. As I write this I am just finishing Thomas Thompson's novel “Celebrity.” I have read this several times over the last thirty years. Thompson is a real pro. His characters are so well crafted that it is easy to believe they might be real people. His plot is full of twists and turns. He does everything a great writer should do while covering twenty-five years of the last century. Many of today's best writers are as good as any of the past masters. Each reader must find the writers he wants to claim as companions.