Friday, March 4, 2016


Who are the presidential candidates this year and what have they done for you?

I often wonder why voters vote against their best interests. It’s because they don’t pay enough attention. They may not even know who is representing them in Washington or in their state capitals.

Let’s look at some easy ways to research political candidates on all levels of government. First let’s find our state congressmen and women. To do this I google “(name of state) state congress representatives.”

For instance, I live in Michigan, so I google “Michigan state congress representatives.” I notice there are sites for both the Michigan senate and the Michigan House of Representatives. Let’s start with the House of Representatives. The first thing I notice when I go to is a picture of the Michigan Speaker of the House, Kevin Cotter. This is an important contact because the Speaker decides which bills are voted on and when. So I copy his information. I also found an organizational chart with extra phone numbers. Now I know who the Democrat and Republican leaders in my state are.

Don’t get overwhelmed by all the information. Most of us don’t have the time to follow everything that happens in our state or national government. Right now we just want to know who represents us, and how to contact him or her.

There is a link on the Michigan House page “Find your Representative.” I click on this link, and then put in my zip code. My representative is Jim Townsend. I not only get his name, but a link to his website. I can look up Congressman’s Townsend’s voting record and I can easily see a list of issues that affect Michiganders and Congressman’s Townsend’s stand on those issues.

Besides having a representative in the Michigan house, I also have a senator representing me in the state capital. I go to and I notice a link called “Find Your Senator.” I put in my zip code. My state senator is Marty Knollenberg. There’s a link to his web page. Most congressmen send emails to their constituents. It’s easy to get on their lists.

I don’t always have time to read newsletters when they come to my inbox, but I try to always scroll down and read at least a few lines of each paragraph.

Now that I know who represents me in my state, I can go to, and find out who represents me in Washington, D.C.

When elections happen, I am likely to visit their web sites and study their records.

If you have any questions, please email me.

Sunday, February 28, 2016


How can we get people to vote? We know from the few caucuses and primaries that Republican voters are showing up in record numbers. The Democrats have record low turnouts. I know about phone banks. Each party and each candidate has zillions of people out making phone calls.This does not seem to be working for the Democrats. What can we do?

Prevail upon businesses to give coupons to voters for dollars off meals or services.

Have a lottery with nice prizes. Show up and vote and your name goes in the lottery.

Free pizza.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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When I took a college level U.S. government class in the mid 1980’s. my mother had satellite TV. This was a dish that sat on her lawn and pointed at the sky. She had hundreds of channels at her fingertips, but being interested in current events, she watched CV-Span. She watched the House of Representatives all day long.

After a day in the classroom, I called my mom and asked what was happening in the House. She said someone called Tip O’Neill, then Speaker of the House, a bad name.

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I admire Hillary Clinton. She wears high heels, not real high heels, but heels. I also admire that her outfits look comfortable. Mrs. Sanders also wears clothes that look comfortable, and I admire her look too.

Carly Fiorina’s dresses didn’t impress me. You couldn’t give me any of the dresses she wore in the debates. And her heels were too high. I’d be screaming in pain if I had to wear those shoes.

Donald Trump’s looks like a cover girl on “Cosmopolitan.” I can’t imagine her as first lady.

Michelle Obama always looks great. Her clothes don’t look as comfortable as those warm by Hillary Clinton and Jane Sanders, but Michelle can carry off the look. Michelle Obama is one of the few women who can look like a business professional and a super model at the same time.

I’m several years older than Michelle, so I need a fashion role model more like Hillary Clinton or Jane Sanders.

When I see a picture of candidates from debates, I can quickly figure out which debate by what Hillary and Carly wore. I don’t remember what the male candidates wear.

Sarah Palin would make a great Barbie Doll

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