Thursday, February 12, 2015


Abraham Lincoln was an un-schooler. He did not sit in a classroom all day watching a teacher write on a blackboard. He was not surrounded by bullies and class clowns.

In doing manual labor and farm chores, he stayed healthy and fit. In the evenings he read books. Just obtaining a book was difficult for him, but he did find books to read and he engaged his mind with writers and thinkers. As an adult he was a self-taught attorney. Lincoln was in charge of his own schooling, and he received a great education because learning was important to him.

He did not have a teacher or classmates to make fun of his size or belittle his love of learning. We all know bullying is wrong, but schools have not been able to stop it.

Lincoln was fortunate, but today’s students can be fortunate too. Learn more about un—schooling for your children and for yourself. un-schooling could be is a path to life long learning.

Happy birthday, President Lincoln. He was born 206 years ago.

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