Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Learning Hack of the Day: Have Specific Goals.

A student should have goals for every week, every month, every season. Have a plan. He should have a one year, a five year, a ten year plan. Studies of college graduates showed that those who had definite plans were more successful. The more specific the goals were, the more likely they students were to reach their goals. You can't reach a goal if it is not specific. One student may want to be a business owner someday. A second student may want to be managing a funeral home at the end of one year. Own a funeral home within the next five years and own two or more funeral homes at the end of ten years, (A real example from one of m ex students) The second student has a better chance of obtaining her goals. Even teachers and retirees need to make goals. In 2015, I plan on blogging everyday and taking a workshop class in novel writing. I plan to have my first novel ready for publication by the end of that year. I plan to work on one book a year after that.
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