Friday, February 6, 2015

Learning Hack of the Day: Daydream

If Walter Mitty was a student, where would his daydreams take him? What kind of a student would he have been?

If you have not read the “Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” a short story by James Thurber, you should do so. The short story is a classic and a short, fun read. Mitty daydreams about performing surgery, commanding a ship in wartime and even facing a firing squad.p> A student might daydream about becoming a “Jeopardy” champion or winning the national memory championship. Perhaps he daydreams about his future job as a college professor.

Dare to dream; it will make you a better student.

Photo Art is from my playing card collection.

King and queen playing cards are from "Project Portland." Each card was created by a different artist and donated. Cards were sold to benefit non-profits in the Portland Area.

The cowboy picture is from Rodeo Playing cards.

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