Sunday, April 24, 2016


There is a Jewish tradition to leave stones at grave sites. Just a pile of stones.

Witches bury stones and crystals as gifts for the fairy earth people.

In “Burning Man” by Alan Russell, the main character Michael Gideon interviews Dinah, a high school girl who has been bullied. He says to her,”You seem like a smart girl. Why did you let yourself be a victim?” Becoming a victim has nothing to do with being smart or dumb. It isn’t even about weakness, except for the bully’s weakness. I have been told that the German word for bully, translates to “half person.” Bullies are immature, and are usually themselves cowards. What could the girl in this book have done to make fellow students stop bullying her?

Social media sites that focus on books and authors: Goodreads, Shelfari and LibraryThing. There is also Writer’s cafe.

What was Perry Mason like as a student? Dr. Kildare? Think about a person whose smarts you admire. What was that person like as a student?

Arms up or out for a better attitude and mood. Here is a tip from my winter sojourn instructor. Feeling resistance? Spread your arms out. Let your body form a capital “T”.

Abe Lincoln was an unschooler. Where Lincoln did his best was in reading books. They were his teachers. I live in a wildlife refuge. There’s a frog in my throat; dust bunnies under my desk; a FOX on television; dear in my letters.

Bullycide: a term for bullying that is so bad it leads to suicide or a suicide attempt.

It is a kid thing to do. Bullies are immature. Adults try to bully each other too. Bosses try to bully; police and teachers. They try to say it is for their victim’s good.

Dog breeds: Toto in “Wizard of Oz was a cairn terrier.

Chauffeur: The word is French for stoker. Early cars ran on steam or battery power.

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