Saturday, January 24, 2015

Learning Hack of the Day: Keep A Journal

Writing is an indispensable skill. No matter what career you decide to enter, you will need to write well. Your journal will be a great help. Write everyday. Your journal can have one purpose; some people keep journals of kids or pets' activities; a journal of a vacation or even an illness. Journal about your married or dating life. A learner's journal is great; Write about your new learning and learning plans. Use journaling as writing practice to become a better writer. Most likely you will want to write about many different things. Use different colored pens for different topics. One for pets' activities; one for new learning; one for affirmations; one for writing exercises. Experiment in your journal. If you intended your journal to be only a learning journal or winter journal, try writing a poem, or describing your best friend or vent about your neighbor or a politician. We learn from our writing.

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