Saturday, August 1, 2015


As I drove home from my morning volunteer cleaning shift, I saw the trucks on our lawn, and knew our new roof was being laid. The new copper penny roof looked like a second sunrise in the morning as the sun reflected on its bright surface.

“Good morning,” I called to the roofers. “It’s beautiful, and redder than I thought it would be.”

The foreman said the color would change at different times of the day, and in different seasons.

I imagine our roof shining up at the heavens, imitating the sun.

A new roof will keep the attic cool even when the temperature outside blazes. I wonder what it will look like under street lights at night.

I never thought much about roofs before. I can’t tell you much about the old roof except that it was grey asphalt. I don’t remember roofs of houses from when I was growing up.

But I like this roof. It has a 200 plus watt smile. I smile back at it.


  1. Congratulations for having a new roof installed, Mary Ann! It looks good and sounds really amazing since you said that its color will be changing in different seasons. I'm glad that you're satisfied with it. It will surely keep your house comfortable and safe from weather outside, since a roof’s color tend to have a little effect with the temperature. Have a great day!

    Pleasance Faast @ Shelton Roof

  2. That picture is beautiful. I love looking at photos with the sun slightly peeking over the surface of something. It looks so lovely to me. So the roof will change color with the seasons? How cool is that?! I absolutely love that and wish I could get something like that for our roof! I love the thought of a roof imitating the sun!

    Catherine Burns @ Easton Roofing LLC

  3. Thank you. I must take some new pictures. The roof is gorgeous.

  4. The roof looks great. I am positive that it will serve you well keep the elements out. The aspect on the roof colour changing at various times of the day and seasons is incredible. It is good that you are contented with the new roof. I also never considered much about roofs, but the one you installed is lovely.

    Terence Warner @ Brunwin Roofing