Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Types of students:

1. Showoffs: These are the stars. They excel in academics and athletics. Some wear the coolest, newest and most stylish clothes. They are often the best looking students. They are jocks or cheer leaders or prom queens.

2. Bullies: They don’t get good grades very often and despite often being bigger in size, they don’t always succeed in sports. Some do. Their sole purpose to being in school is to pick on those who are weaker. They like to hurt people. The sad thing is that school is were they can get away with this.

3. Class Clowns: They don’t mind being in school. They get attention. They should all become professional comedians. After all, they have a great comeback for every thing. Other students often enjoy their antics. But the truth is they usually don’t have the ambition or the drive to become successes after graduation.

4. Geeks: These are the real students. They understand robotics, computers, biology and advanced math. They even get passing grades in history and English. The Show Offs dislike them and stare down their noses. Bullies and Class Clowns use Geeks as victims of their cruelty. Geeks would be better off home schooled or unschooled. The school experience often destroys their self confidence.

5. Lost Souls: These are most of the students. Often they have hurtful lives. School could be an escape. Usually it isn’t. Lost should don’t have the best clothes, and they carry too heavy a load of sorrow to get good grades. These are the students who need school the most. They are the students that school fails the most often. Teachers are not prepared to address the hundreds of different types of problems these students bring to the classroom. No one is. These students need one on one attention. Some students need the kind of attention that only a very well-trained child psychologist could successfully address. What do we do with lost souls?

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