Friday, January 2, 2015

Learning Hack of the Day: Remember when Learning Felt Great.

Separate thoughts about learning from thoughts about school. Learning sometimes has nothing to do with school We learn when we want to learn and when we put in the effort. Leaning is about something that happens inside us. School is something that happens outside of us. Learning is a good thing; school should be a good thing. But it is often about wrong answers on tests, grades, and report cards. Those things have nothing to do with learning. Proms, sports, bullies and popularity have nothing to do with learning. Start feeling good about learning again like you did when you were too little to go to school. Remember a time when you won a blue ribbon, or knew the meaning of a word everyone else was unsure about, or rode a bicycle for the first time. Before you start to learn anything new, sit down for a few minutes and think about how good that felt.

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