Saturday, November 29, 2014

How to Select the job of Your Dreams
There are lots of guides that will tell you what future fields will be hot. Don't believe them. Often they are wrong because managers tend to overestimate future needs. Schools want to attract students so they often exaggerate the demand for the professions they teach. Besides that, no one can predict the future or the impact of technology.
 The best thing you can do is pick a field that you have a passion for working in. People are spending more and more time on the job, so doesn't it make sense that you should be doing something fun?
What is your dream job?
Surprisingly many of us don't know where our passion lies. Also our interests can change from decade to decade and even from year to year. Here is some help.
Name five things that you would do, if you had the next year to do whatever you wanted. People are not made to sleep in the sun. Those who do it are castaways without a choice, or they are on vacation. If you had unlimited time, you would stay busy. What would you do? Rebuild cars? Walk dogs at the animal shelter? Play guitar in a bar? No answer is too ridiculous.
What did you like to do as a child? I loved swinging and daydreaming and I make my living being creative. Sometimes, even today, I walk to the park, sit on one of the swings and daydream for awhile. It releases my creative energy and I walk home full of ideas. \\\\
Look for people who have unusual jobs. John Keene bills himself as Sherlock Bones and he has made a career out of finding lost pets. Others become food critics, ice cream tasters or video game testers.
Check out newspapers and magazines for articles about people who are doing jobs that you think you might like, Clip the articles, Contact the people in these jobs if they live near you.
I found one article about a woman with a knack for decorating rooms. She lacked the credentials to become an interior decorator, so she started decorating garages. She makes them look good enough for a home and garden magazine.
Other individuals write mystery scripts for murder weekends, become disc jockeys, bridal consultants, mystery shoppers or clowns. People who love second-hand treasures might be able to earn a living on e-Bay or with a resale shop.
One man became a pizza farmer. With just a small parcel of land, he planted a slice of his property in tomatoes, green peppers and onions. He raises chickens and pigs and shows them off to visitors. The animals don't even have to be killed. He makes his money by charging visitors or a tour of the pizza farm.
A woman gives business seminars in manners – no, not Miss Manners.
A 71 year old woman became a runway model.
A woman who had no place to teach her exercise class arranged for sessions at a tavern. An entrepreneur started a web site that recommends local restaurants, gives hours, menus and ratings.
Just reading about people like that fills me with hope and with ideas.

 Start thinking about your likes and your talents. Put together a list of things you would like to do. 

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